Main Advantages of biometric access control

An efficient security system emphasizes the validation of people and especially consent. Biometric access is used to ensure attendance control, time management, and even the authentication process. Most devices to control entry and exit access now use biometrics: fingerprints, hand outline, facial recognition, iris identification, and vascular map identification. For all these purposes NIN verification device can be very helpful.

How does biometric access control work?

It is important to specify that biometrics is the measurement of specific elements to each person: it can be the fingerprint, the shape of the hand, or the imprint of the iris. In a company, the biometric control system gives premises, a warehouse, a computer, a meeting room, or even allows an employee to be identified employing physical characteristics.


The biometric device works through management software and terminals. Usually, the person has to put the finger on the fingerprint sensor, and the fingerprint reader will recognize them! The company must register each individual for biometric access control to be effective.

The main advantage of this security management is the level of protection it provides. That is why the sale of Biometric device for Election management in on the rise. Impossible to fake a fingerprint! Also, you should know that biometric readers avoid management problems, unlike the badge reader, for example. Biometric identification is the most reliable authentication system that will show that a company is committed to protecting its assets.

Main benefits associated with this rising multi-factor authentication technology:

Identification and authentication: speed and precision

Using passwords and codes to access a physical or virtual site securely is fairly straightforward but generic. Anyone with a card or pass can access the protected site. In contrast, biometric security technology designates biological passwords that cannot be tampered with. In other words, the identification and authentication of a given individual are reliable. Iris or facial recognition is increasingly integrated into security processes due to the speed and simplicity of detection.



A great sense of responsibility

With biometrics, the company has accurate information on entry and exit - a sign that it takes its responsibilities very seriously. During an unfortunate incident, the company can rely on more reliable evidence because data back it up. The data is also easy to configure, analyze and transmit when needed.

Maximum efficiency

Every business demands foolproof efficiency from its security systems. Biometric control systems enhance security and facilitate and improve the efficiency of the management of key functions such as attendance monitoring for the establishment of payslips. This system is even practical and time-saving for employees who no longer need to have their access card or badge with them at all times.

Safety and profitability

Once the biometric control system is integrated, there is no need for additional infrastructural investments. The initial and recurrent investment costs, therefore, fall sharply. These systems also help prevent losses due to fraud and illegal entry. This alone saves money and increases profitability.Simple biometric solution for event management quickly establishes itself as a centrepiece of the security infrastructure and multi-factor authentication.